Vista Tech BrightHouse, a leading international creative consultancy, invented business purpose consulting long before the term “corporate purpose” became trendy. For our clients, we transform productivity and profitability by unleashing the power of organizational purpose.

Establishing your company’s purpose is not a writing exercise. Senior leaders also cannot commission your organization’s purpose in a meeting or buy it from an organization.

We assist businesses like yours at Vista Tech BrightHouse in identifying their real business goals. Then, with your organization’s help, we fully activate and integrate that purpose.

What is the Purpose of Business?

The intersection of who you are and the need you address in the world is where your organization’s purpose lies. It is the main reason why your organization was founded.

In our opinion, your company’s purpose will not change over time, even though your mission and vision might. Your company’s mission is timeless. Beyond what it performs, produces, or sells, a company’s purpose is what gives it meaning.

Our purpose: What do we do?
Where are we going, in our vision?
Why are we here, exactly?

In order to gain organizational clarity, alignment, and meaning at a crucial juncture in their development, many of our clients look to define their business purpose. Some people are dealing with extensive business transformation. Others are dealing with or are going through leadership changes. Others are at a turning point in the trajectory of their company and are looking to accelerate or turn things around.

We look beyond what you produce or sell to assist you in discovering the purpose of your organization. The essence of what you bring to the world is revealed through human insights that we uncover. We also widen the aperture so you can see your company and your opportunities much more clearly.

Then, purpose must be activated and integrated into every aspect of the organization, including people, culture, strategy, operations, branding, and communications. Your business won’t fully understand the impact on performance until you implement purpose across the board.

How We Assist You in Discovering and Pursuing Your Business Purpose

1. Discover
We start by digging up and learning the truth about your company. To more clearly define and communicate the true strengths of your business, we conduct surveys, conduct interviews with your employees, and thoroughly research your current messaging. We then adopt an outside perspective and enlist the aid of luminaries to help us identify the need in the outside world that your company is specially suited to address.

2. Articulate
We assist in determining your timeless purpose by drawing on the organizational insights gleaned from our thorough fact-finding and analysis as well as the insights from our luminary network. We create a purpose statement and story that is memorable, real, and motivating.

3. Activate
Next, we expect your leadership group to start spreading awareness of your purpose within the company. We work together with your leaders to find ways for them to more fully live out your organizational purpose.

4. Embed
It’s time to transform the entire organization’s culture, strategy, and branding through a purpose-driven lens as soon as leaders begin embodying and promoting purpose. Implementing purpose involves fully integrating it into methods of operation, which helps employees feel more emotionally connected to and more deeply connected to their work.