The ongoing challenge for business leaders today is how to create exceptional value in a landscape of rapidly shifting competitive advantage. They need to be able to use strategic insights into how the world is likely to change in order to succeed in the long run.

Value creation and strategy are ingrained in Vista Tech’s DNA. Vista Tech has been at the forefront of strategic innovation through the use of the experience curve, growth-share matrix, and digital deconstruction. Our corporate finance and strategy consulting team assists clients in generating value for stakeholders, driving growth, luring talent, creating a great stock, and attracting investors.

Our Corporate Finance and Strategy Consulting Services

Corporate Strategy

Business Strategy

Value Creation Strategy and Shareholder Activism Defense

M&A, Transactions, and Post-Merger Integration

Strategic Planning Excellence

Finance Function Excellence

Family Business

Sustainable Finance and Investing

How We Work with Corporate Strategy and Finance Clients 

  • Create a clear vision: We assist you in creating a successful corporate strategy that identifies the ideal business portfolio, ranks the best growth opportunities, and creates a financial strategy that adds value.
  • Define your journey: We assist you in creating a business strategy that not only considers the competition but also gives you the flexibility to pursue your organization’s particular winning strategy.
  • Deliver and defend: We work with you to develop corporate, commercial, financial, and investor strategies that maximize outcomes, create lasting value, and protect against the growing tide of shareholder activism.
  • Maximize transaction value: We provide end-to-end transaction excellence support for your company, including strategic merger and acquisition decision-making, IPO and spinoff support, and development of successful post-merger integration strategies.
  • Keep ahead of the curve and agile: We assist you in enhancing the function of your overall strategy by putting in place planning procedures that are centered on insight, readiness, and agility for long-term success.
  • Obtain better business outcomes: We assist you in developing a top-tier finance function and a strategy-aligned, digital approach to financial management that is skilled at establishing and maintaining a performance culture.
  • Prepare and mitigate: We offer technical, strategic, and transformative risk and compliance offerings that assist you in converting uncertainty into opportunity.
  • Maximize success within family– run businesses by utilizing our assistance in overcoming specific obstacles and utilizing special advantages.

Client Success in Corporate Finance and Strategy

We assisted a company that made semiconductor equipment to seize an unanticipated chance to enter the nearby health care market; the move tripled the company’s value in the first five years and generated a third of its revenue.