An innovation strategy that is congruent with business priorities and adaptable enough to change with the market is necessary to capitalize on new ideas. The innovation consulting specialists at Vista Tech work with clients to create an innovation engine that can be successful now and in the future.

Innovation is difficult. Only around 30% of businesses believe they are adept at it. And the difficulty only increases. Even the most successful innovators must constantly learn new skills and create more rapid and flexible research and development procedures.

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Our Approach to the Innovation Journey

A strategy-led, action-biased, agile approach is required to avoid the pitfalls of innovation. These traits apply to innovation in all domains, including business-to-business and consumer product innovation, as well as innovation at the level of the product, service, or business model. And they form the basis of Vista Tech’s strategy for consulting on innovation. Vista Tech’s innovation journey takes a holistic approach, and to strengthen the client’s innovation system and spur innovation, we work closely with them. The strategy consists of four key components:


To define an innovation strategy that best supports the overarching business strategy, we start by taking a look both inside and outside of the organization. to prioritize the most alluring areas for innovation investment and to comprehend the major trends influencing consumer economics and demand. and inside to comprehend the client’s innovation system’s advantages and disadvantages. The strategy helps the innovation system take off by identifying the crucial investment areas.


Although essential, a strong innovation strategy is insufficient. In a world where product and business model life cycles are getting shorter, it takes courage to act quickly and decisively to create value. In order to create and release minimal viable products that are consistent with the strategy, we collaborate with clients using a sprint-based approach. In this “test and learn” process, new offerings are developed, and the less successful ones are dropped to free up resources for new initiatives.


The ability to quickly scale the most promising projects and identify product-market fit are both necessary for maximizing the return on innovation investments. To assist clients in moving from experimentation to actual implementation of a new good, service, or business model, we work closely with them.


Success in innovation increasingly depends on the capacity to constantly develop new innovation muscles—or to import new abilities and skills from outside. Whether through corporate venturing, partnerships, acquisitions, or internal development, we assist organizations in determining the essential capabilities required and the best way to acquire them.