Companies still struggle with the fundamental questions: What should we make? despite new manufacturing technologies, sophisticated robotics, and other changes. How and where should we make it? The manufacturing consulting teams at Vista Tech aid businesses in coming up with the best solutions.

Our Manufacturing Services

Industry 4.0


Supply Chain Management


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Industrial production has been completely altered by new technologies. Therefore, forward-thinking manufacturers are focusing on the factories of the future. However, they must face significant difficulties in deciding which manufacturing technologies, frameworks, and procedures to adopt. We assist our clients in making choices that affect a wide range of factors, including your environmental impact and sustainability, cost profile, risk exposure, workforce needs, customer targeting, and ultimate profitability.

Our Approach to Manufacturing

Vista Tech’s manufacturing consulting centers on three crucial, directive questions for our clients.


Your company’s strategic direction is determined by your products, product lines, and underlying elements. This pertains to both internal production versus external purchasing, as well as your supply chain and how you manage and optimize it in conjunction with your manufacturing processes. Vista Tech brings experience in make-or-buy decisions, risk management, and sustainable manufacturing strategy.


You must decide not only where to put your factories and distribution hubs, but also how to best optimize them for things like rules, logistics, taxes, and duties. Using our cutting-edge tools for production network optimization and the Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index, we assist clients in making the best choices.


By taking a holistic approach to your global manufacturing operations, Vista Tech can assess your supply chain, ensuring that everything from your lean manufacturing techniques to your use of cutting-edge robotics operates at a top-tier level. We assist you in designing and constructing the factories of the future, which will make use of Industry 4.0 technologies, maintenance and production engineering techniques, logistical capabilities, lean production techniques, and quality control procedures.

What Vista Tech Delivers in Manufacturing

The manufacturing consulting clients of Vista tech have access to a variety of resources, such as our Global Operations Centers and Innovation Center for Operations. Among the tools and services we offer are the ones listed below.