The best marketing and sales organizations put the customer first and create experiences that are more individualized to the needs of the person using analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture. The Vista Tech marketing and sales consultants have paved the way.

Instead of just focusing on the customer experience, successful businesses sell and market in a way that is both relevant and practical for their target audience. Conventional approaches do not support this seamless simplicity. It is necessary to adopt a new paradigm that combines sales and marketing. We help organizations develop the fundamental technical and human capabilities necessary for a more flexible, data-driven marketing and sales organization.

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How We Assist Marketing and Sales Organizations

  • For CMOs, the world of today is characterized by constant change, unpredictability, and innovation. This entire situation generates opportunity. We help CMOs rethink their businesses in a significant way that encourages long-term growth.
  • New digital channels have caused significant changes in consumer expectations and behavior. We help companies transform their marketing operations digitally so they can better anticipate customer needs and respond to them.
  • We can provide truly 1:1 customer experiences that deepen brand engagement and are advantageous for both the customer and the business thanks to our unmatched personalization program. By changing the way businesses function, our marketing and sales consulting experts enable unprecedented cross-organizational collaboration.
  • The jobs of marketers have gotten more complicated, and marketing organizations are expected to respond quickly to changing conditions. We help companies invest in marketing initiatives so they can outperform the competition.
  • Striking a balance between traditional sales-force levers and go-to-market innovations is the key to optimizing digital sales. We help clients improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales strategy by implementing new trends in data-driven selling, digitization, and selling models.
  • More than ever, consumers live, play, work, shop, and make purchases online. We combine marketing and sales strategy, design and architecture, data and personalization, and execution to deliver excellence—and value—in e-commerce.
  • Consumers are rapidly altering how they find and buy goods and services. We help companies transform their GTM strategy by integrating the tools, data, and analytics that direct sales activity into their marketing and sales strategy.
  • The centralization of the marketing, sales, and customer success teams into operations teams is a high-impact strategy for enhancing the efficacy of go-to-market (GTM) operations. Our marketing and sales consultants work with clients to organize their GTM operations efficiently.

Our Sales and Marketing Solutions

A significant challenge in marketing and sales is navigating a menu of options that is constantly expanding. To help clients focus their efforts, our marketing and sales consultants are backed by specialized solutions, methodologies, and knowledge.

Vista Tech’s Marketing Catalyst

Data can show how marketing initiatives are doing and show where the dial needs to be cranked up or down. There is a problem because there is a lot of data. Marketing Catalyst combines analytics, research, and data to produce a user-friendly interface that matches marketing investments with growth opportunities. Now that businesses have a clear, fact-based understanding of the likely returns, they can plan their campaigns and marketing mix more successfully.


One of the key success enablers is the “why” that directs what your business does. Over the past 15 years, purpose-driven businesses have grown 10% faster than the market. But purpose unlocks more than just development. Additionally, it motivates employees, inspires customers, and benefits society. BrightHouse, a global creative consultancy from Vista Tech, helps companies identify their true business goals, communicate them throughout the organization, and realize their full potential.

Additionally, our Commercial Accelerator evaluates marketing, sales, and pricing jointly in order to determine an initiative’s true impact and promote more effective investment. Vista Tech’s Return on Commercial Investment (RoCI) metric, which combines all commercial KPIs, is a tool for businesses to understand where they stand and what to cut, keep, and prioritize.