In addition to reducing risks and defending a business’s operations and reputation, risk management and compliance can also add value. Our team of risk and compliance consultants works with clients to turn risk into opportunity.

We take a broad view of risk management and compliance. While our teams are adept at using technical solutions to address urgent issues, our focus is on assisting management decision-making rather than merely “putting out fires.” We assist businesses in all sectors to become more ethical, resilient, and competitive in ways that a more constrained, less strategic evaluation of risk and compliance could not. We do this by identifying systemic or structural issues. The changes are ground-breaking, innovative, and long-lasting.

Our Strategy for Consulting on Risk and Compliance

Compliance and Crisis Response

We support our clients’ long-term improvement and expansion in the areas of compliance, ethics, and financial crime prevention. We support transformations that are data-driven and technology-enabled, prioritize talent and culture, and optimize and develop corporate compliance operations.

Advanced Risk Analytics

Best-in-class analytics solutions are created in collaboration with clients to support improved risk management and compliance decision-making. With the goal of redefining industry processes in a highly automated and economical way, we employ a transformational approach.

Balance Sheet Management

A comprehensive approach to balance sheet, funding, and liquidity management is necessary to achieve superior results from a risk-return perspective. Our risk and compliance consulting team develops capabilities for long-term risk-adjusted performance and uses levers to optimize the balance sheet.

Credit Risk Management

Financial institutions are not the only ones who run the risk of counterparties not fulfilling their payment obligations. In order to increase client productivity while significantly raising the caliber of credit decisions, we assist in the development of cutting-edge end-to-end credit processes.

Commodity Risk Management

We manage commodity market exposure in collaboration with business, retailers, and banks to preserve value and generate gains. Our comprehensive offering supports the entire commodities ecosystem with commercial and trading strategies, operations and IT implementation, and more.

Operational Risk Management

In order to effectively manage operational risk, we assist clients in identifying operational risks in their organizations and incorporating the necessary controls into their operational procedures.

Cybersecurity and Digital Risk

We combine technical know-how with risk management procedures and controls to increase our clients’ capacity for quick response and recovery following cyber incidents, as well as to decrease their vulnerability.

Climate Risk, Adaptation, and Resilience

We collaborate with clients to hasten their move toward net zero and ESG compliance. We assist with climate measurement and scenario analysis, and we incorporate ESG principles into our clients’ risk and compliance procedures.

We offer strategic, transformative, and technical risk and compliance services that go well beyond traditional financial risk and compliance consulting. We view operational and strategic risks, as well as financial and non-financial risks, holistically. This enables us to assist our clients in expanding their businesses while proactively managing significant risks, anticipating regulatory changes, and fostering ethical behavior—all of which contribute to gaining the respect of the public, stakeholders, employees, and investors.

Client Success in Risk Management and Compliance

Automotive Industry
We were hired by a well-known automaker to develop and implement their global integrity and compliance program. Implementing processes and motivating people were the two main pillars on which this enormous transformation program was built. More than ten functional initiatives were implemented across more than 500 legal entities globally as part of the program’s efforts to strengthen governance and processes. Through a variety of communication, training, information, and enablement initiatives, all company employees have also been actively involved along the journey, setting them on the path to achieving sustainable culture change.

Payments and Transactions Banking
Our risk management, compliance, and payments teams were enlisted by a market-leading merchant acquirer with a sizable presence in travel and airlines for an immediate crisis response, helping them build strength and resilience while continuing to onboard new clients even during the crisis. During the crisis, we decreased the client’s exposure by more than one-third and the expected loss by about 85% while tripling the profitability per transaction volume in high-risk industries.

Financial Institutions
We were hired by a large European bank to improve their asset and liability management, treasury, and process for managing interest rate and liquidity risk. We updated the client’s behavioral models and hedging strategy during the transformation, which improved the structural balance sheet’s risk and return profile and increased net interest income by 5%.

Insurance Industry
For a local life insurance provider, we redesigned the organization’s framework for managing the balance sheet and, through a focused set of initiatives, improved the balance sheet and capital position. Within a few months, the project turned the business around from a loss to a profit and positioned it for future years of capital return in the double digits.